KMPF‘s ‘Back on TrackTransition Programme, which is funded through the Office for Students Uni Connect Programme, has been designed in collaboration with our partner colleges, universities and Laser Learning Awards to support young people returning to face-to-face education after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Each session can be completed as a stand-alone module, but most benefit can be gained by completing the full programme.

The sessions cover the following themes:

  • understanding your thoughts and feelings about lockdown
  • strategies to help manage change, increase motivation and support wellbeing
  • using creativity to support good mental health and resilience
  • mindfulness and tools to manage stress
  • interactive STEM based learning, using enquiry methods to tackle some real world “big questions”
  • developing independent study skills and supporting the return to face-to-face teaching and learning
  • e-learning courses to support skills and knowledge development in a range of areas including maths, academic writing skills, critical thinking and a selection of subject specific ‘tasters’

Students will be asked to register their personal details before accessing the online resources. For most of the programme this is not mandatory and students will still be able to access the majority of the resources without entering their data.

Back on Track

This introductory module from the EKC Group enables students to gain understanding of their thoughts and feelings throughout lockdown. Students will reflect on their emotional journey, exploring how their emotions can be inter-related, and how they can find solutions to worries.

Create Calm

This module from the University of Creative Arts has been developed to help students increase their awareness of the benefits of creativity for their wellbeing and resilience. Students will be introduced to the importance of creativity and positive wellbeing through a short audio presentation, learning how creative activities can help support good mental health, and top tips for how to stay positive and resilient.

Developing Skills and Knowledge

Developing Skills and Knowledge offers a range of e-learning courses developed by Laser Learning Awards to support students who are considering progressing to university. Courses include videos, quizzes and interactions to test understanding and make them engaging. Courses are available in study skills, maths, critical thinking and a range of academic subject ‘tasters’.

GREat Skills

GREat Skills is a programme of workshops from the University of Greenwich that are designed to develop academic skills and help students prepare for the transition to university.

Inspiring Mindset Online

These online sessions from Canterbury Christ Church University focus on emotional wellbeing, triggers for stress and finding your voice. They include three modules comprising text, videos, short quizzes and tasks to complete at home. The topics covered will provide knowledge and tools to help students navigate their way through the teenage years, think about emotions and how to manage different situations.

Mind the Gap

In this online session from the University of Kent students will have the opportunity to assess their progress and identify skills gaps following a period of time away from school.