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The Care Leaver Progression Partnership (CLPP) exists for the benefit of our members in serving the young people that we work with in Kent and Medway. We are a collective endeavour to better understand and remove the barriers to post-16 education and training for local children in care and care leavers.

All our members work to agreed Terms of Reference and objectives that are reviewed annually, and sign an agreement which runs for three years at a time. We are governed by a steering group comprising of a representative from each member institution.

Each year we commission a data report which looks at the profile and educational outcomes of our local care leaver population and makes comparisons with national data sets. We use this report to inform our collaborative work.

We are always happy to discuss opportunities for working with others to forward our aims, for example:

  • Representation on other relevant groups
  • Presenting our work at events
  • Collaborative bids for funding
  • Lobbying
  • Participating in research
  • Sharing and disseminating information through our networks and social media channels
  • Conferences and events

The CLPP is coordinated by our Partnership Officer, Luke Daniels, and Chaired by Lucy McLeod, Head of Canterbury College. If you have an idea for working with us, or would like to get in touch, contact us today.

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Download an overview of the CLPP, our Terms of reference or our 2017-19 plan below:

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Our partners are essential in the progression of care leavers. Find out who our partners are, what they do, and how to contact them;

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