Every Monday and Friday in August we’ll be promoting KMPF‘s ‘Back on TrackTransition Programme, which is funded through the Office for Students Uni Connect Programme. Today we’ll be looking at the EKC Group’s Back on Track module.

This introductory module from the EKC Group enables students to gain understanding of their thoughts and feelings throughout lockdown. Students will reflect on their emotional journey, exploring how their emotions can be inter-related, and how they can find solutions to worries.

Students will work on their own, with a partner or in a group, to discover coping strategies for ongoing and new experiences. They will start to employ techniques that support them in their motivation and wellbeing, as they come out of lockdown and re-enter school or college.

Back on Track is suitable for students in Years 9-13. Students will require access to the internet to complete this module.

Back on Track Workbook

Growth Graph Handout

Introduction Podcast

Transition Graph Podcast

Circles of Control Podcast

Amy’s Motivation Techniques Podcast

Irma-Jane’s Motivation Techniques Podcast

Growth Mindset Podcast