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Information for care leavers progressing to Broadstairs College:

Who can help you at Broadstairs College?

The College has a Designated Member of Staff (DMS) for Children in Care and Young Care Leavers, and they can be accessed prior to joining the College, throughout, and after your studies. For more information, contact:

Lisa Howard
01843 605040

Who will help me when I am a student?


Tutorial System
We have a tutorial system, so that every student receives individual support and guidance.

Student Progression Mentors
A team of Student Progression Mentors support learners in their personal development, enabling them to become independent learners who enjoy their time at college and reach their full potential. A student can be referred to a mentor or can refer themselves, if they would like to discuss any issues.
We encourage all learners to approach our staff with any concerns. We would also encourage parents, carers, guardians and key professionals to contact one of our mentors if they have any concerns.

Progress Reviews and Parent/Carer/Guardian Evenings
Parents, carers and guardians will receive progress reviews and the opportunity to attend at least two Parent/Carer/Guardian Evenings a year. Each student will have a minimum of three formal review sessions every academic year. These consider attendance, attitude to work, participation in class, and work record, amongst other things. Written progress reviews will be issued to the student and their parents/carers/guardians.

Applications and Interviews

Visit our website, take a look at our courses and make your application online.

By post
Contact us for a paper application form or download one from our website.

Visit us
Drop by our campus and our Support Services team can help you make your application, as well as answer any questions you have. Once you’ve applied you will receive details about accessing the Applications Portal. This puts you in control of your application and helps you stay in touch with us until you enroll in September. You will need to book your interview via the portal.

Enrolment Over the summer you will receive details on your enrolment date. This will likely be in the last two weeks of August or the first week of September. Keep an eye on your Applications Portal for details of what you need to bring. If you can’t make the date, please contact the college as soon as possible.
Induction During the first 6 weeks of the first term, if you feel that the programme isn’t quite right for you, or the environment isn’t best suited to your needs, speak to your tutor, careers advisor or the DMS as soon as possible to discuss this and consider other options. This is our Right Choice Period, which enables learners to transfer to other courses.
Care Leaver Bursary (Vulnerable Bursary) We offer some financial support to Children in Care and Young Care Leavers between the ages of 16 and 19 at enrolment, through the Vulnerable Bursary. This is an allocation of up to £1,200 towards course-related costs, such as food, travel, uniform or PPE, equipment, as well as enrichment activities such as trips. The only evidence to process
You can apply for financial support through our website here.
PEPs PEP meetings will usually be held at Broadstairs College. The information recorded from the PEP will be uploaded to the ePEP system. You will be encouraged to submit your own views, as you are at the centre of the meeting. You will have at least 3 PEP meetings during the year at college. 
English and Maths If you did not achieve a grade 4 or above in English and/or maths you will resit these subjects alongside your chosen study programme or ‘main aim’. During your induction you will be allocated a GCSE or Functional Skills class appropriate for your level.
Progress Both your tutor and Student Progression Mentor will monitor your progress at college, and you will get the chance to discuss your next steps with the college’s Independent Advice and Guidance (IAG) service.
Health & Well Being College Life offers a lot of fantastic opportunities and there is always something to do.
The campus has a student social space, designed by students for students (with the help of professional designers!) It is a lecturer-free zone where you can enjoy time outside of lessons and find out about extra-curricular activities such as trips out and sports. We believe that EVERYONE who works or studies here at Broadstairs College will share our core values. We have a responsibility to protect the rights of all, whatever their background, appearance, lifestyle, culture, status or belief. Throughout the year the Student Enrichment team put on activities, clubs, and invite external agencies in to talk to you about a variety of issues that may be relevant to you.
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