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Information for care leavers progressing to the University for the Creative Arts:

Who can help you from UCA? The University for the Creative Arts has a Designated Member of Staff for Children in Care and Care Leavers on each campus:
Canterbury – Colin Barnes
Epsom – Nyawira Nijirani
Farnham – Andrea Beattie
Rochester – Anna Mepstead
Who will help me when I am a student? UCA is committed to the support and achievement of all our students and recognises that Children in Care and Care Leavers may have additional challenges in entering and adjusting to College and University life.
Some of the types of support we can offer include:

  • – Meetings with the dedicated member of staff to ensure seamless support for the young person from an initial enquiry through to completion or graduation.· Help in applying for available financial support.
  •  – Advice on money management, accommodation and general welfare support.
  •  – Where permission is given by you, liaison with tutors, course leaders and administrators.
  •  – Ongoing welfare support provided by Counselling Services, Learning and Teaching Services, Careers and Employability Services, and the Disability and Specific Learning Differences Support Team.
  • – Working with your local authority Key Worker, with your agreement, to provide the best possible service to you.
Applications and Interviews Applications for our further education courses should be made directly to UCA. Applications for a degree course should be made through UCAS (see  for further information). If you need to change your interview date please contact the Admissions office: . If you would like to bring someone with you for your interview there will be a waiting area available.
Enrolment Over the summer you will be sent a welcome guide with your enrolment and induction timetables and details of your summer project.   If you have any questions you will be able to contact your Course Administrator. You will need to bring proof of identity (e.g. birth certificate or passport) and proof of your qualifications to enrolment.
Induction During the induction week you will have an introduction to your course and the campus and an opportunity to meet other students. If you are at all unsure whether the course is right for you, or you have any concerns or questions, you can speak to your tutor, Careers Adviser or DMS to discuss this.
Vulnerable Learner Bursary Students aged under 19 on our further education courses can apply for the Vulnerable Young Persons Bursary. This is up to £1200 and is subject to 90% attendance. You will be invited to discuss with the DMS how your bursary will be paid to you; payments for course costs will be paid directly from your bursary on your behalf.  If your attendance drops below 90%, the DMS will ask you to come and discuss this to avoid your payments being stopped.
PEPs PEP meetings will usually be held on campus. The information recorded from the PEP will be uploaded to your ePEP where there is a section for you to complete. You will have at least 2 PEP meetings during the year.
English and Maths If you are applying for one of our further education courses and didn’t achieve a grade C in either English or Maths, you will be able to either retake your GCSE or take functional skills instead. You will be assessed at the beginning of the year to see which will be the most appropriate for you.
Progress The DMS will meet with you at regular intervals to monitor your achievements and progress and to ensure that timely help and advice is provided. The Careers and Employability Service is available to support you whilst you are on course and for up to 3 years after graduation.
Health & Well Being The DMS and the other University support services listed above will work with you throughout your studies to support your health and wellbeing. We also hold a number of health and wellbeing events during the year.
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